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Create a SafeAssignment for Students to Upload to - Vista&CE

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SafeAssignments appear in courses as a new content type and can be added to any course content area. SafeAssignments function like the existing Assignment content type with the added layer of a plagiarism detection check once papers are submitted.

Please note that SafeAssignments are different from Assignments and there is no connection between the content types. It is not possible to make an existing Assignment a SafeAssignment without starting from the beginning. Like regular Assignments, however, SafeAssignments are integrated with the Gradebook in CE / Vista Enterprise, version 4.2.2. and higher.

Create a SafeAssignment Section Content Link

Before SafeAssign or DirectSubmit can be used in a section, a Content Link must be created for each.

Creating SafeAssign Section Content Links
Follow these steps to create section content links.

  1. Log in to WebCT as Section Designer.
  2. Enter Section home page.
  3. Click Course Content menu item.
  4. Click Add Content Link, then SafeAssign, Create SafeAssign.
  5. Set Title to the SafeAssignment
  6. Click Configure!

Build Out SafeAssignment Details:

Once the SafeAssignment Content Link has been added, follow these steps to build out the SafeAssignment details:

  1. In Teach view, click the SafeAssignment content link
  2. Choose the SafeAssignment you want to build out and click "Edit"
  3. Fill out the form using the fields below and click "Submit" when finished.

Add SafeAssignment Fields

The Add SafeAssignment page includes the following fields.

Field Description
Title Enter a title for the SafeAssignment.
Text Enter instructions for completing the SafeAssignment.*
Due Date Date and time that you will being accepting submissions.  (There is currently no expiration date for submissions)
Drafts Allows Students to validate their paper without submitting it to the institutional database. Useful as an instructive tool to help Students learn how to attribute papers properly.
Students Viewable Determines whether or not Students can see the report generated when their papers are submitted.
Urgent Checking Sets papers to a high priority in the queue.
Grading Sets type of grade for Gradebook column creation.*
Numeric Grade: Out of Set SafeAssignment as a percentage, calculated out of the total you designate.*
Alphanumeric Grade Set SafeAssignment grade as alphanumeric - A-F or 0-10, for example.*

*Note - Gradebook integration available with Vista Enterprise /CE Enterprise, version 4.2.2 and higher.

*PLEASE NOTE - if students may be submitting papers to the SafeAssignment that include images, please inform them that the images must not exceed 2MB or the submission may fail.


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