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Follow the same process you used to Submit a paper, to view the SafeAssign Report.

Submit a SafeAssignment

Follow these steps to submit to a SafeAssignment:

  1. First you must submit your paper to the SafeAssignment
  2. After the matching process is complete, from the content area within a course, select the SafeAssignment and click View/Complete.
  3. You will see all of the information associated with your paper:
    Field Description
    Text  Cick the icon to see an online, formatted version of the paper text.
    File Click the icon to download the actual file the student submitted
    Matching Percentage of the paper that matched with source documents
    SA Report  SafeAssign Originality Report - click the icon to view the interactive report detailing the results of the matching process.
    PLEASE NOTE: You will only see this field if the instructor has made the report "Student Viewable". 
    Submitted The date and time the student submitted the paper


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